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The Chemist is managed by Lewis David Oldham and Martina Jones, and is part of Rabbit Hole Studios, it is its creative arm. Rabbit Hole Studios, commercial arm. At the studio we have an artist in residence, John Brewer who uses the space to run workshops and for experimentation. 

Lewis specialises in silver gelatine processes and has keen interest and knowledge on other historical processes such as cyanotype and salt printing. His interests and research lie in the UKs industrial heritage and how photography is experiential of place, space, people and objects. 

Martina specialises in wet plate collodion and how the camera can see in the ways the human eye cannot, her most recent major project 'dissection', utilised wet plate collodion in the production of micrography, something that had not been achieved or experimented with since the 1800's.  

John Brewer specialises in wet plate collodion and gum printing, although has an advanced knowledge of most alternative and historical processes. His work is both playful in creativity and technically exacting; a master of his craft, John's work is quietly confident, wether it be creating art for an exhibition or just experimenting.   

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