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Here at The Chemist we offer a unique black and white film development services in the Manchester and Stockport area. It is unique in that it can come with a silver gelatine contact sheet as part of the service.


With over 8 years experience of developing film, we guarantee that we can process any black and white film at any size.

Black and white film development

  •  Black and white film development 35mm (36/24 exp) and 120- £6.50

  • Push/Pull- +50p per stop/per roll.

  •  Over four rolls of 35mm (36/24 exp)- £5.50

  •  Over four rolls of 120- £6

  •  Including contact sheet- +£3.50

  • Black and white large format sheet negative development- £9

Colour film development

  • C-41 film development 35mm (24/36exp) and 120 - £6.50

  •  Push/Pull- +50p per stop/per roll

  •  E6 development, 35mm (24/36exp) and 120- £9

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