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We offer a broad range of workshops, tailored to suit the needs of the individuals or group. These include:


All aspects of silver gelatine printing, from taking the photographs to printing ready for exhibition, toning to hand colouring; this is brought to you by Lewis David Oldham. 


Wet plate collodion, we offer master classes with John Brewer AKA the Victorian Photographer and more informal ad hoc classes with Martina Jones. 

Cyanotype, covering various papers, the art and science of and other aspects. This is brought to you by Lewis David Oldham and Martina Jones. 

"Lewis Oldham is an inspiring and highly knowledgeable teacher whose weekend Silver Gelatin course I can't recommend enough. It was a brilliant couple of days, during which Lewis guided me through the processes of shooting film, developing, printing and toning. I learned so much and gained the confidence needed to continue with it on my own."

- Kate Horsley


1. Cyanotype workshop, from- £45

2. Silver gelatine, basics workshop, from- £60

3. Silver gelatine, intermediate workshop, from- £75

4. Silver gelatine, advanced workshop, from- £90

5. Wet plate collodion workshop, from- £100

6. Wet plate collodion master class weekend with Mr. John Brewer- £275per person

Group and bespoke workshop costs on quotation.

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